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A new addition to our website is this "Property Tax Map". One of the most important factors, and most overlooked factors, into whether or not you are making the right home-buying decision is: What are the property taxes? Property Taxes are often overlooked but they play a crucial role in affordability & re-sale value. You can check out the property tax burdens from a specific City or Township to determine if this is where you should call home?

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St.Croix County
Town of Hudson 0 Town of Hammond 0 Town of Warren 0 Town of Troy 0 Town of St.Joseph 0 Town of Somerset 0 Town of Richmond 0 Village of North Hudson 0 Village of Hammond 0 Village of Roberts 0 Village of Somerset 0 Village of Star Prairie 0 Village of Woodville 0 City of Hudson 0 City of New Richmond 0
Pierce County
City of River Falls 0 Town of River Falls 0 Town of Clifton 0 City of Prescott 0 Town of Oak Grove 0

Property Tax Map

St. Croix & Pierce County Municipalities

St. Croix County