What you need to know about Selling.

Adam has put together a helpful list to remember should you want to sell your current home. These tips will help save time, money and possibly a lot of headaches throughout the home-selling process.

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Adam Bast's Tips on Selling a Home

Get Educated - Adam's Top Tips on Selling a Home

1. Hire The Best:

Make sure when choosing your real estate broker that you don't only just consider what they charge. It is very important that you associate yourself and your home with the brokerage firm that has the greatest market share in your area. The keys to selling your home and getting the most money for your home lie in your affiliation with a great brokerage firm and a great agent. Choose wisely, it will save you time and money. Edina Realty has the great, by far, market share and web presence in Western Wisconsin & the Eastern Metro area.

2. Affiliate Yourself With A Good Agent:

The real estate market has changed over the years as technology has improved. Today, buyers search for homes online, research those homes, and then contact a real estate agent about seeing the home. In many instances, the buyer has made their decision about the purchase by viewing the property online, using the actual in-person showing only to confirm their decision. It is important to affiliate yourself with a real estate broker and agent that will maximize your web exposure. The Edina Realty website is by far the most visited real estate website in the Hudson, WI / Twin Cities Metro Area. Speer-Bast advertising the properties online more the any other real state agent in the area.

3. Be Clear...Be Honest:

Make sure that before you decide to list your home you are clear about your reasons. Some people sell because they have to; while others sell because they want to. Be honest with yourself and your agent about your reason for selling and decide the plan of attack, together, that will optimize your properties salability.

4. Be Realistic:

Lets be honest, there are good times to sell a home and there are bad times to sell a home. Either way homes that are priced in accordance with the economic environment typically sell. Ask the right questions of your real estate agent, listen to the answers, and then decide if now the time is right for you to sell. Your agent should be a local expert on price. Remember, we do not get paid until the home sells and how we get paid is proportional to what the home sells for. It is in our best interest to have your home priced right.

5. Repair, Clean, And De-Clutter:

When your home is for sale, it is competing against every other home that is on the market in your local environment. It is extremely important to make any necessary repairs (including painting) prior to having your home on the market. It is also important to keep your home clean at all times (carpets vacuumed, beds made, etc...), you never know when you are going to get a call for a showing. You must be ready at all times; if you decline a showing you may have just lost a potential sale. De-Clutter, you may love all your decorations and knickknacks but it is not about what you love, it is about what the buyer loves. Remember, your house has to be the best and first impressions from the buyer are what rule.

6. It Is Not Personal:

Your house has been on the market, you have had a showing, then a second showing, and finally an offer. The problem is...the offer is a lot lower than you expected. Do not get bent out of shape. This is a negotiation process. We are all looking for the best deal when we are buying. Don't sweat it, along with you agent you will find a price that both buyer and seller are happy.

7. Clean Home:

Make sure that you have your furniture out of the house and that the home is cleaned up a few days prior to the closing. Many buyers like to schedule a final walk-through of the property prior to the closing date. Having the property vacant will let this process happen smoothly and ensure that no surprises arise at the closing table.

8. Affiliate Yourself With A Good Title Company:

When you sell a home you are responsible for obtaining and paying for a Owner's Title Policy that will be transferred with the property to the buyer at closing. Hiring a reputable title company, like Edina Realty Title, will ensure that the property is transferred free and clear of any issues that could arise later and cost you time and money.